About P6

P6 was named in the spirit of “Cooperation Among Cooperatives,” the sixth principle (P6) of seven cooperative principles established by the International Cooperative Alliance.

Our Members

Eastside Food Co-op, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Good Earth Food Co-op, St Cloud, Minnesota
Hampden Park Food Co-op, St Paul, Minnesota
Maple Valley Food Co-op, Cashton, Wisconsin
Moscow Food Co-op, Moscow, Idaho
Organic Valley, LaCrosse, Wisconsin
Ozark Natural Foods Co-op, Fayetteville, Arkansas
Pachamama Coffee Co-op, Sacramento, California
Seward Community Co-op, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Three Rivers Market, Knoxville, Tennessee

The Principle Six (P6) Cooperative Trade Movement exemplifies just and equitable trade relationships between farmers, producers, retailers and consumers rooted in cooperative principles and values. P6 is the symbol of a growing consumer-supported food economy recognizing product grown or produced locally, or internationally, by small farmers/producers, and cooperatives.


  • Members of the Principle Six (P6) Cooperative Trade Movement envision a food system in which farmers, workers, and producers are valued and compensated fairly at each step of the supply chain.
  • P6 Members view consumers as powerful participants in global and local economies: engaged, educated and empowered to use their purchasing dollars as a tool for social change.
  • P6 Members believe that by creating a values-based economy we contribute to healthy, just, and sustainable communities locally and globally.

How does it work?
The Principle Six (P6) Cooperative Trade Movement is implemented at an in-store level by participating member coops. Shelf-level consumer-recognized branding directs customers to purchase products meeting two of the three P6 criteria: cooperative, small, local. P6 products create a point of conversation, engaging staff and customers in the impact of their purchases. And the more P6 products that are sourced and purchased, the more P6 farmers/producers benefit through increased market share rooted in shared values.

History & Organization
The Principle Six (P6) Cooperative Trade Movement was founded in 2009 by Equal Exchange and an initial group of six consumer co-ops. The P6 central office is currently housed at Seward Community Co-op. Each P6 member co-op contributes to P6 through annual member dues. P6 is governed by our Board of Directors, an elected group of representatives from P6 member co-ops. All P6 members elect the board and are eligible to submit a candidate for the board. P6 member co-ops play an active role in developing P6 as a vibrant program, and growing P6 as a strong movement.

Allison Hermes, P6 National Director

P6 Board of Directors
See bios and pictures of our Board of Directors!

John Bryant, Roanoke Natural Food Co-op
Loralyn Milcarek, Three Rivers Market
Eric Newman, Organic Valley/Organic Prairie
Nick Seeberger, Seward Community Co-op
Pauline Thiessen, Ozark Natural Foods
Cecil Wright, Maple Valley Cooperative