P6 Board Members

Members At Large

Loralyn Milcarek 

Loralyn MilcarekLoralyn Milcarek is the Merchandising Manager at Three Rivers Market in Knoxville, TN. P6 is a part of her job every day at Three Rivers and she wants to participate in ensuring the Cooperative Trade Movement continues to strengthen and grow. She uses P6 as an educational tool to help customers and staff at her store learn about cooperatives and food systems. Since the launch of P6 at Three Rivers in 2013, she has worked to integrate the P6 values into the store’s internal and external communications, merchandising, promotions, and category management and to educate customers about P6 and increase sales of P6 products.

Pauline Theissen

Pauline Thiessen is the Fresh Foods Manager at Ozark Natural Foods leading both the produce and prepared foods departments along with being the liaison for P6 at her coop. Her passion is to work with local food producers, particularly farmers, and local foods network development. She brings over 15 years of experience sourcing local foods, advocating for sustainable agriculture, and developing new revenue streams while being rooted in the cooperative business model. She believes that the P6 program has been key at her store in strengthening relationships with small, local, and cooperative producers leading to significant increases of P6 products purchased since the program was implemented at ONF in 2014. She is excited to work with the board to strategically use the P6 program in supporting the resiliency of coops across the nation and help build back the cooperative trade movement. She resides at her 78 acre homestead farm near Marble, AR.

Retail Member

Nick Seeberger – Board President
IMG_0197Nick Seeberger is the Operations Manager at Seward Community Co-op in Minneapolis, MN and is the president of the P6 Board of Directors. Nick served on the P6 Steering Committee and the Interim Board before the first board election in 2015. For Nick, a successful cooperative trade movement means that a growing number of people make purchasing decisions rooted in the underlining values of P6 – small, local and co-operative producers — from customers making purchasing decisions to co-op buyers choosing P6 products for the shelves. Nick is focused on strengthening relationships between co-operative wholesalers and retailers at this stage in P6’s growth. Nick has a Master of Management Co-operatives and Credit Unions degree from St Mary’s University and 14 years of experience working in grocery co-ops.
John Bryant

img_2744John Bryant is the Marketing Manager at Roanoke Natural Foods Co-op in beautiful Roanoke, VA. John organized the launch of P6 at his co-op in Roanoke in 2015, the year they celebrated their 40th anniversary! As the traditional grocery store is changing virtually every day, it is important for John and his co-op to keep P6 values front and center for customers and staff. His work on the P6 board of directors has taught him to appreciate the giant flywheel that is local and socially-conscience food. John plans to keep the P6 momentum up in Roanoke and looks forward to adding more co-ops to the flywheel every year. John is married to April, a middle school teacher, and they have two awesome kids, Alden and Maggie.

Wholesale Members

Cecil Wright – Board Treasurer

rsz_cecilcloseup2Cecil Wright is one of the Founders and is presently the Board President for Maple Valley Cooperative. He served on the P6 Interim Board before the 2015 P6 Board elections. He is a maple farmer and before founding Maple Valley Cooperative, he worked on the executive team at Organic Valley for 18 years. He believes that the coop movement is the most effective and efficient way to create an economic model that builds wealth in communities and for individuals of all income and diversity levels. He has been and continues to act as an advisor for numerous cooperatives such as the Northcountry Coop Development Fund (NCDF), 5th Season Coop, Pine River Food Coop, and a mental health cooperative.

Eric Newman – Board Vice President

Newman_Eric_OV_2270 (2)Eric Newman is the Vice President, Sales for Organic Valley/Organic Prairie, a farmer owned cooperative comprised by over 1,800 farmers from 36 States in the U.S. Canada and Australia. He began his career in the food industry managing restaurants, institutional foodservice operations and a Community Food Co-op in Bozeman Montana. Eric has worked for CROPP for 19 years. He is committed to family farming, cooperative economic systems and organic agriculture as solutions to our environmental and social challenges. He is excited about being on the P6 Board because he believes it is critical to create consumer awareness of cooperative business models as a viable alternative to a purely capitalistic economic model.