Building Co-op To Co-op Supply Chains

Twin Cities area P6 co-ops are excited to offer watermelon grown by farmers from the Federation of Southern Cooperatives this weekend! This project, led by Snow Aukema of Seward Co-op, is the first step in what will hopefully be a long partnership between the Federation of Southern Cooperatives and Twin Cities area coops. As California faces environmental challenges like drought, it’s smart for food businesses to diversify where our produce comes from. Many of the produce items sourced from California are also grown in the Southeast, but the distribution chains aren’t there yet. P6 co-ops are leading the way to build a supply route from the Southeast to the Midwest. We’re starting with the oldest black-owned farmer co-op in the country, which has helped black farmers retain their land and livelihoods in the face of racism and other economic pressures. Read more about the work of Ben Burkett, the state coordinator for the Federation in Mississippi, at Serious Eats.

Twin Cities residents can buy Federation-grown watermelon starting this Saturday at Seward Co-op, Hampden Park Co-op, and Eastside Co-op.

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