Get Involved

Get involved in a national movement that distinguishes co-ops in the marketplace and leverages our collective impact. Only cooperatives can belong to P6, connecting grocery co-ops with wholesale (farmer and producer) co-ops. P6 is a cooperative and our members own the program.

Retail Co-ops

P6 retail members share benefits including:

  • A Shared Vision for increasing market access for small farmers and producers, building co-operative supply chains and, ultimately, changing our food system.
  • An Alignment Tool to meaningfully connect your store vision with all levels of your store- leadership, buyers, staff, producers and members.
  • Cooperation Among Cooperatives connecting your store with a networked movement of cooperative leaders through peer to peer events and information sharing.
  • Tools & Resources including best-practice documents, launch materials, templates, tool kits, framework for discussion and product selection, tips for staff engagement, and design files.
  • Values-driven Store Growth increasing your bottom line  by building market share for products that meet your highest values.  All while supporting the fulfillment of your co-ops ends or mission.
  • Market the Cooperative Advantage by focusing your marketing dollars on telling the co-op story using an established brand with clean, professional, user-friendly materials.

Wholesale Co-ops

P6 wholesale members share benefits including:

  • Build relationships with mission-aligned retail grocery co-ops.
  • Enhance co-op to co-op supply chains by growing the reach of your co-op made products.
  • Market the Cooperative Advantage by being a part of a marketing program focused on telling the co-op story.
  • Ownership in a Growing Program giving your business a stake in the development of the next wave of co-op food labeling.

How does my co-op become a P6 member?

Please fill out the form on this page to start the conversation about how your co-op can join the cooperative trade movement. Our staff will be in touch with you shortly.

Media Inquiries

All media inquiries can be directed to the P6 Marketing and Communications Coordinator at or 612-314-2003. See examples of past media about P6 at GEO, Field Guide for a Regenerative Economy, Tootie and Dotes, and Co-op Grocer Magazine.