P6 featured on the Field Guide for a Regenerative Economy

P6 is honored to be featured this month at the Field Guide for a Regenerative Economy. The Field Guide tells the stories of businesses that meet their principles for building an economy that rebuilds itself and supports building holistic wealth, nurturing both entrepreneurialism, and collaboration. An excerpt from their interview with our own Aaron Reser:

Some changes in purchasing habits begin to happen quickly when new P6 members sign on to the branding program; others take more time.  In some cases new suppliers can be picked up quickly and there are a lot of examples where stores have really been able to increase P6 sales dramatically by changing purchasing polices and working closely with buyers.  But, Aaron explains, “some of the work we are doing is long-term and involves slow steps towards shifting to the cooperative economy.”

In addition to the branding strategy, P6 continually seeks ways to nurture a vibrant sharing network among its members.  While P6 does not provide direct financing in support of supply chain development, it sees its role as providing a knowledge network of members who can develop such financial supports, a network where one coop can learn from another’s experiences or participate in another’s funding program.

Read the full article here.

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