P6 Producer: White River Creamery

A version of this post by Pauline Arnold first appeared at Ozark Natural Foods’s website.

From Elkins, Arkansas, White River Creamery brings amazing artisan cheese to Ozark Natural Foods. Pauline, Fresh Manager, shares some flavor profiles and what they’ve got in stock. Here’s what she has to say:

P6 Producer of the Month: White River Creamery!

Most Ozark Natural Food customers probably know about our stellar P6 goat cheese producer White River Creamery from Elkins, AR from their products in our store, at the Fayetteville Farmers Market, and from other markets in the Northwest Arkansas area. Their family-run diary and creamery raises over 90 registered Nigerian Dwarf goats on just 12 acres of pasture. Their farm is beautifully and logically set up just 20 minutes from town. I’ve been raising dairy goats and making some cheese here and there for 8 years and remember when White River invited us out several years ago to see their operation. I was so excited that a full time dairy goat farm was up and running with their business. Even more exciting is the variety of cheese they make with all the knowledge from Scott’s training at Vermont’s Institute of Artisan Cheese.

white river cheese

Here’s just a taste of what they’ve got in stock:
Fromage Blanc: In French, literally White Cheese. This is a soft, creamy cheese that has less fat than that of cream cheese. It has a lighter flavor when plain, similar to yogurt, and can be used in place of yogurts or in desert dishes. White River also offers a Garlic and Chives Fromage Blanc for a savory twist!

Farmer’s Cheese: A pressed cottage cheese that is sturdy enough to slice. Growing up with cottage cheese, this variety has always been a favorite of mine. It’s lightly sour and salty and goes well on bread, crackers, or wrapped with meat. We also have a plain variety and a Port with Altus wine!

Feta: A classic brine cured goat’s milk cheese! Great in Italian & Greek dishes, salads, pizza topping, you name it you cannot go wrong with feta. We are so happy to have a plain and Greek Marinated goat’s milk cheese in our store!

Camembert: A newer addition to their offerings and named Aux Arc, this is an aged cow’s milk double cream cheese, soft-ripened with a bloomy rind. I prefer these single portioned cheeses with a granny smith apple.

white river goat

All of White River’s cheese milks are free of antibiotics and hormones. Their final cheese products boast the Arkansas Grown and Arkansas Made labels. The above are cheeses that we currently have in stock as their Chevre for example is on hold while the goat’s kid. White River also makes Neufchatel, Ricotta, Chevre, and Raw Aged Goat Cheese. Are you curious about their goats or cheese making process? Then sign up this coming September to participate in our Second Annual P6 Tour de Farm! We’re assembling the routes right now for over 20 local P6 farms, breweries, and coffee roasters and White River Creamery will be one of the stops! Finally, we’d like to wish them an early happy anniversary, this May 2nd! White River will have been open for 2 years!

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