Pachamama: A Different Kind Of Coffee Co-op

P6 is excited to announce our newest member: Pachamama Coffee Cooperative. Pachamama roasts delicious single-origin coffees and blends, but their high quality isn’t the only special thing about them. Pachamama is a 100% farmer-owned cooperative.  (Keep reading to the end of this post to find out how to get a year of free Pachamama coffee!)


Like P6, Pachamama is a cooperative of other cooperatives. Five small-scale farmer cooperatives in Mexico, Peru, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Ethiopia own the business. This gives the farmers direct ownership over the brand all the way from the farm to your cup. Pachamama’s board of directors is made up entirely of farmer representatives, meaning that farmers not only own the business, they control the business.

Farmers grow, select and export beans directly to the roaster they own in California. From there, the coffee is roasted daily and shipped directly to customers throughout the United States. Unlike most coffee businesses, all of this supply chain is owned by the farmers. By retaining ownership of their coffee – roasting and branding it themselves, and then selling directly to customers – farmers now have greater incentive to produce even better organic coffee next year. It’s a win-win-win for the farmer, the consumer and the environment.

p6_familia_guatemalaPachamama seeks to transcend and exceed the debate about fair trade vs. direct trade coffee by simply providing great coffee that comes directly from the farmers themselves. Pachamama appeals to coffee connoisseurs seeking the most nuanced flavors and to those who simply wish to support farmers that have invested in roasting and selling their own coffee for a change.

Pachamama offers several coffee subscription options for gifts, homes and for offices. This coffee CSA service offers consumers a direct path to supporting farmers and the opportunity to sample a variety of high-quality single origin coffees and blends, delivered monthly.

P6 is teaming up with Pachamama to offer two fantastic deals right now. First, you can win a year of free coffee by going to our Instagram and sharing our giveaway post. Second, everyone can get 20% off all Pachamama Coffee purchases from now until 12/19 by using the offer code P6HOLIDAY at


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