Small Business Week Idea: Rooster Roster

P6 will be posting every day this week in honor of Small Business Week. Today we’re featuring an idea for supporting small businesses from P6 member Three Rivers Market.

threeriversThe Rooster Roster is bringing the spirit of P6 beyond the co-op! Three Rivers Market in Knoxville TN knows that supporting small, local, and cooperative businesses is a core value of their members. To support their members in sending all their dollars to good places, Three Rivers has started the Rooster Roster, a list of small, local, cooperative, and independent businesses in. Knoxville. I spoke with Emily Bryant about the program.

Where did you get the idea for the Rooster Roster?

Our Rooster Roster was inspired by our friends from Wheatsville Food Co-op.  We created the Rooster Roster to support local businesses, connecting member business-owners with each other and the community.   We also wanted to position Three Rivers Market as an information center and offer the additional benefit of our Rooster Roster as part of our membership.

How does the Rooster Roster relate to P6?

Businesses on the Rooster Roster must be small and local, a key element of P6.

What are you doing to promote the Rooster Roster?

We maintain a Rooster Roster page on our website, choosing a different local business each week to promote on our Facebook page and website. In these posts we encourage folks to join the co-op and promote their businesses with us!

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