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P6 Month Wrap-up

August 2014 was a great P6 month! At a national level, we hosted our #p6coops twitter conversation. We were really excited to hear about the great things our member co-ops have accomplished. Here’s some accomplishments at some of our co-ops:

Seward Community Co-op: Seward hosted a kickoff on August 2nd. Staff sampled P6 products including Equal Exchange chocolate and tea, Maple Valley maple lemonade, Ferndale poultry, and Kickapoo Coffee. There was a raffle to win a P6 goodie basket at the front of the store. The store’s photographer happened to catch a picture of the winner, Nancy Reeck:



Seward set some high internal goals for raising P6 sales during P6 month. Regularly, P6 sales are around 37% of store sales. During P6 month, Seward set a goal of exceeding 45% P6 sales and actually hit 46.46%. Congrats, Seward! That’s a whole lot of money getting sent to small, local, and cooperative producers.

Viroqua Food Co-op: VFC hosted a P6 Square Dance and Grill Out on August 22nd. They served Wisco Pop! and food from a variety of P6 producers. Local musicians the Yellow-Bellied Sapsuckers played so everyone could dance:

Usually at VFC, there will be two or even three P6 producers offering samples in the store. During P6 month, 15 different P6 producers came into the store to sample their products and talk with customers.

Eastside Food Co-op: Eastside brought in folks from Kadejan on August 30. The Kadejan farmers talked about their new GMO-free chicken feed mill, which fills a gap in the market to allow people who want to grow GMO-free chickens to do so.



The Perennial Plate at LTD Farm

As we gear up for Perennial Plate’s video about P6, we’re highlighting some older Perennial Plate videos about P6 producers. Here’s one about LTD Farm. LTD poultry, eggs, and vegetables are available and labeled P6 at Eastside Food Co-op and Seward Community Co-op (where the farmers used to work!). This video shows (slightly graphic) video of the Thanksgiving turkey slaughter. The LTD farmers invite their customers to come be a part of slaughtering and preparing the birds, to allow them to be involved and to bear witness to the process of taking life in order to provide meat. LTD Farm is also featured in the upcoming P6 video from Perennial Plate!

The Perennial Plate Episode 36: Giving Thanks (to turkeys) from The Perennial Plate on Vimeo.

Local Beekeeping with Beez Kneez LLC

“Everyone knows something about bees. What most people know is that they sting, and they’re in trouble,” says Beez Kneez co-owner Erin Rupp. “What we try to do is give people a hands on opportunity to learn new things about bees. We want people to understand why they might sting, and why they’re in trouble.”


Beez Kneez is a small business based in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis. Owned by  founder Kristy Allen and Erin Rupp, the LLC has three main components: honey production through 70 hives spread throughout eastern Minnesota and western Wisconsin; educational programs about bees and beekeeping; and services offered at their new “honey house,” like rentals of their bike-powered honey extractors. In addition, the business has spoken up to advocate for bees and beekeepers in the face of our broken food system. (more…)

The Perennial Plate at Thousand Hills Cattle Company

As we gear up for Perennial Plate’s video about P6, we’re highlighting some older Perennial Plate videos about P6 producers. Here’s one about Thousand Hills Cattle Company, a grass-fed beef producer in northern Minnesota. Thousand Hills beef is available and labeled P6 at Viroqua Food Co-op, Eastside Food Co-op, and Seward Community Co-op.  This video is an interview with founder Todd Churchill about his philosophy on raising cattle in a healthy, humane way.


The Perennial Plate at Whole Grain Milling Company

As we gear up for Perennial Plate’s video about P6, we’re highlighting some older Perennial Plate videos about P6 producers. Here’s one about Whole Grain Milling Company. Whole Grain Milling Company is a cornerstone P6 producer at Eastside Food Co-op and Seward Community Co-op. In addition to their famous corn chips, they provide many of the bulk P6 items, they produce everything from garbanzos to millet flour to bread and pancake mixes to plain old all purpose flour. This video shows interviews with farmer Doug Hilgendorf about his family farm’s change in direction to organics and a guided tour of the storage facility by his grandchildren.