P6 Producer: Lone Grazer Creamery

This post draws on posts from Seward Community Co-op and Eastside Food Co-op.

lone-grazer-purpleThe Lone Grazer Creamery is a new cheese producer in Minneapolis. They’re based in the Northeast neighborhood of Minneapolis. They’ll be selling their cheese curds at Seward Community Co-op and Eastside Food Co-op, our two Minneapolis based P6 member stores.

“We got them in on February 27. That was the first delivery,” said Scott Heard, Seward Cheese Department Manager, “and we’re very excited to have them in the store.”

Located in Northeast Minneapolis, just a 6 minute delivery drive from Eastside C0-op and twice that far from Seward Co-op, the Lone Grazer is currently one of the few urban creameries in the United States and one of the nearest P6 food vendors for both stores.

“People in the city want to know the farmer,” says Clark Anderson, one of The Lone Grazers’ grass-fed milk producers, “and the farmer should know the people in the city.”

Anderson’s milk is turned into delicious cheese by Rueben Nilsson who learned the art at the Caves of Faribault in Faribault, Minn., one of the finest cheesemakers in the country.

Cheesemaking at Lone Grazer“Cheesemaking is a creative endeavor that blends art and science and physical labor with technical knowledge,” Nilsson says. “I love making cheese.”

Right now, The Lone Grazer is producing one kind of cheese, curds. “These have a nice salty bite,” Scott Heard says of The Lone Grazer’s cheese. “They make you want to eat a whole lot more cheese curds.” Several months down the road, The Lone Grazer will produce string cheese, ricotta and aged cheeses as well. Both stores will carry the additional cheeses as they become available. According to Eastside Co-op, deliveries to that store will be on Friday, if you want to come in for the squeakiest curd possible.

“Putting a delicious piece of cheese on a crusty bread or cracker is one of the simple joys in life,” says Lone Grazer founder Kieran Folliard. “I’m drawn to the making of cheeses from fresh, pure milk.”

One of Folliard’s other endeavors is 2 Gingers (local Irish whiskey) which is located in the same building as The Lone Grazer. Mike Phillips’ Red Table Meat Co., which brings such great salumi to Seward’s Meat Department, is also located in that building and soon, Chow Girls Catering will be housed there too.

For such a young company, The Lone Grazer finds itself at the center of a superb local food-hub. They can count on support from the P6 co-ops as they grow!