Growing a Local Food Economy with Lucille’s Kitchen Garden

Zoie and Amy Glass started their business for their family. They wanted to spend more time with their daughter. They both were raised by farm families — Zoie’s parents were 70s-era back to the landers; Amy’s were long-time farmers in Appleton MN. Zoie said, “It was normal for me, growing up, to see both my parents. We were working, but we were spending time together.” They wanted to create a way for themselves and their daughter, Lucille, to support a livelihood that let them spend time together as a family. They were already famous among their friends for their high quality, locally sourced jam, which they gave away as gifts. A friend who was particularly impressed with their product connected them with a stall at the Mill City Farmers Market. On their second day at the market, they were discovered by a writer from the Star Tribune, which gave them the leg up they needed to get going, and Lucille’s Kitchen Garden was born.

On the day I visited, they had planned to show me their jam production. Due to a record week in which they made, packaged, and labeled over 1000 jars of jam, they were out of several key ingredients by Friday. I sat down with Zoie, Amy, and Lucille to talk about what Lucille’s Kitchen Garden means for their family and the local food economy.

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