Viroqua Food Co-op is Regenerative

Our own Viroqua Food Co-op was profiled by the Field Guide for a Regenerative Economy. The profile focuses heavily on their P6 program.

Since joining the P6 Cooperative Trade Movement, VFC has made more deliberate decisions about how it sources its products. At the same time, some of the transition has happened naturally as the P6 branding helps call out local or cooperatively produced goods. “A lot of times when we have a non-P6 product on the shelf alongside a P6 product the customers will make the decision to buy the P6 product and the other will fade away,” Bjorn says. “About 96 percent of our produce is certified organic—much of it is from far away, especially the fruit.” When we spoke to Bjorn in early July, at the beginning of local produce season, 36 percent of sales in the produce department were P6 products. “This percentage will increase as we get more and more local products in our store,” Bjorn reports.

Read the whole article over at their website.

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